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Cloud adoption brings unexpected costs, KPMG survey says

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I don't know what might ever sway my opinion of the utter uselessness of "moving to the Cloud" (ever see a cloud with a floor under it?)... Indeed, there are uses for everything, and even I have an Evernote account. However, that does not mean that I am not careful about exactly what I store in my cloud-based notebook, including the potential risks to privacy and matters of a critical nature, to which should I lose access for any period of time, it could mean a considerable inconvenience or worse.

It's no surprise to me, either, that the cost of migrating all of these systems we've developed over the decades to hosted platforms can be daunting. That said, I have some servers in the rack over here which I set into place eight or nine years ago which are still happily humming along. Indeed, I have to provide current and space to house them, but do they really take up more of my administrative resources than maintaining (or paying someone else to maintain) them somewhere else?

Cloud adoption brings unexpected costs, KPMG survey says.

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