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Abduction! (Save As Image) mod for SeaMonkey

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This is the support page for my modified packages of Abduction! (the successor to Save As Image). These versions are simply modified to install and (hopefully) work under SeaMonkey. I'm afraid I can't provide much functional support, but if you find something which doesn't work, I'm happy to look at the latest official build from AMO and see about updating my meager modifications as time permits.

You should be able to find this package for download and installation from the Modified Firefox Extensions page of the xSidebar project site. You may also download it from the Rosenthal & Rosenthal FTP site via anonymous transfer.

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  1. I just today updated the SeaMonkey-compatible build of this extension to version 3.5.0, including fixes for the latest Firefox builds as outlined here and here. Tested under SeaMonkey 2.33.1 on Linux.

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