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Egad! Why do people do their own web development?

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WordPress 3.3 is now GA. Knowing better than to blindly upgrade without at least having a look at what may be not quite ready for prime time (though WP is quite good about reasonable beta cycles and such), I happened over to the WP fora to see what reports had been made (yes, I should have gone to the bugtracker, but I like to get a view from "on the ground," so to speak).

Scanning through the Installation topics, I was amazed at how many people were so utterly confused about even the simplest of things:

Q: How do I install WP on Filezilla?

A: Filezilla is an FTP client; you don't "install" something on it.

Q: I upgraded, but can't access my admin dashboard.

A: Rename your plugins folder to plugins-hold.

Q: I uploaded my new plugins-hold folder, but it's not working.

A: I said rename, not upload...

Q: I paid someone to re-do my site, now how do I get it to show up on the internet?

Q: I have two sets of folders under the top [apparently, this individual was referring to a second installation of WP, in a /wordpress subdirectory]. How do I delete one?

Q: Do I need to buy a domain name to install my blog?

The list goes on.

To their credit, the folks answering these questions have the patience of Job; I couldn't do it, but heck, IT consulting is what I do for a living. So, why are these people doing this themselves, when they obviously don't know a file from a 2x4? I wonder if they do their own root canals, as well...

Seriously, folks, if you happen upon this post, and need someone to host or even consult on a WordPress project, please feel free to contact me. WordPress isn't my main consulting gig, and I would likely refer out to someone for detail work, but installation and functional debugging is what I do day in and day out. This stuff is painful to read. The lost hours. The frustration (on both sides). The lack of clues...

Anyway, for the moment, I'm holding off upgrading to 3.3 until more of my installed plugins have been upgraded and/or I test them in a sandbox (I can just imagine trying to communicate that concept to all the would-be experts in the forum). Dribble

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