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How to determine the installed version of eComStation

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The installed eComStation version can be tough to decipher. It's not like Windows, where either the desktop is a dead giveaway or right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties will instantly reveal what is under the hood. It is actually possible to make plain old OS/2 Warp 4 look just like the most current eComStation release.

So, how can one tell?

For releases after 1.2R (really from 2.0 RC5 and above), the most reliable way is to look at <boot drive>:\ecs\ecs_inst.flg. Here is a handy cross-reference:

Official Release Candidate releases:

eComStation 2.0 EN_US Thu Jul 03 05:05:42 pm 2008 (RC5)
eComStation 2.0 EN_US Fri Dec 05 06:00:55 pm 2008 (RC6a)
eComStation 2.0 EN_US Fri Jul 31 05:01:51 pm 2009 (RC7 TestTeam release)
eComStation 2.0 EN_US Fri Aug 28 06:04:33 pm 2009 (RC7 Silver release)

Official GA releases:

eComStation 2.0 EN_US Fri May 21 04:33:26 pm 2010 (eCS 2.0 GA)
eComStation 2.1 EN_US Thu May 12 07:09:48 pm 2011 (eCS 2.1 GA English)
eComStation 2.1 DE_DE Do Mai 12 19.43.16 2011 (eCS 2.1 GA German)


(Thanks to Joachim Benjamins from Mensys for the reminder and the details!)

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