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Misconfigured Mail Servers

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Why is it that when someone else has a broken mail server, it's always - always - the receiving server admin's fault that messages coming from that domain don't get through?

This morning, I reviewed a note sent by a client, forwarding a thread to me of someone who apparently didn't get an invoice for something. My client asked me to review the firewall logs to see if the message ever made it to his domain in the first place.

Sure enough, there was no RDNS pointer entered for the sending server, so the Astaro Security Gateway - rightfully - rejected the incoming message.

Luckily (for me), this client is erudite enough to know that this wasn't my fault. However, I've had some client who would point the finger squarely at me, including one who actually said (sarcastically), "I know; it's never your fault. It's always the other guy." Well, when the DNS is incorrect for someone else's domain, that's surely not my fault!

FYI, a good source to check for broken or missing RDNS records is http://remote.12dt.com/ .

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