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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

The Login page was bugging me that it didn't match the site theme, so I installed Jeff Farthing's Theme My Login plugin, and BAM! Exactly what the doctor ordered!

Still not satisfied that something didn't blow up, I realized that I was kind of jealous of my good friend, zippy1981's gravatar, and wondered why I didn't have one of my own... D'Oh! I don't have a Gravatar account... Not knowing enough about Gravatar to decide whether I wanted to hand over more of my personal information to them, I grabbed another great WordPress plugin, Simple Local Avatars, by Jake Goldman. Now, you can see what I looked like at Warpstock 2005, in Hershey, PA. 😉


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  1. Its the little things that make such a difference. I’ll keep that plugin in mind if I ever need to setup wordpress on a site with only local profiles. Just for the record, I just made a brand new gravatar account with a different email address, and all it asked me for was an email address and a password, However, I’m sure they are tracking me. Its the price I pay for having my avatar show up everywhere.

  2. 😉

    Thanks for appreciating the little things, Justin!

    In terms of privacy vs convenience, at least we (you and I – and likely most of the people reading this blog) are in a better position to make those decisions than the average user, who probably thinks that “free is good, so what could be wrong?” (Hint: TANSTAAFL.)


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