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Forget those long tweets! Now you can chirp!

In the spirit of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," I direct your attention to Chirper , where the folks at Box.net have come up with some innovative technology which can whittle your normal verbosity down to just a few characters! Why explain what you're doing in detail, when you can convey the same thing in a string of almost-unintelligible non-words?

As a test, I used their live demo, and concatenated:

I think social networking is evil!


I tinksoia etorking ievi!..

How have we lived without this facility for so long? Now, all those people who drool and dribble over themselves, spending day after day, staring at <fill in the blank>, reciting their every bodily function for all the world to read, can now do it in a hip, happening, and abbreviated fashion. No longer will they have to expend so much energy to spout off!