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WPS Class List

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XWorkplace is a marvelous piece of software. Like so many things related to the Workplace Shell (WPS), there are continually new things I discover about it.

I had occasion recently to post a note on the Xworkplace-user list concerning some odd class definitions for .ps files which I noted upon enabling Turbo Folders (though the classes were definitely there prior to that), specifically, LAN Server Class. I would have expected something like WPDataFile or XfldDataFile.

Paul Ratcliffe, the current maintainer, pointed me to the WPS Class List object. I'd never explored that before, and it was like finding a hidden chapter in an old familiar book: something new about something so well known. It was quite revealing.

For those of you who are not familiar with eComStation, the current commercial version of OS/2, I suggest you have a look here.

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