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Congratulations, Senator-elect Brown

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Heartfelt congratulations go out to Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown for his stunning victory over his Democrat opponent.

I'm beginning to think that there may yet be hope (there's a word which was so overplayed in the last presidential election, huh?) for our ailing republic. That said, since the 2008 election cycle, I made a vow to only support individual candidates and not the big political machine. I'm not particularly thrilled with former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele as RNC Chair. See comments posted here for pointers to some of his less-than-Conservative (and I use the term "Conservative" - capital "C" - in the spirit of Goldwater and Reagan) views (pro-Roe v. Wade, anti-gun, pro-affirmative action, anti-death penalty...to name a few). Big Tent Party? That's not my party.

For a breath of fresh air, have a glance over at the Ayn Rand Institute's site. Atlas Shrugged, indeed.

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