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Removing the WP Post to PDF icon in WPTouch Pro

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This is a follow-up to an earlier post I did, which dealt with removing the WP Post to PDF icon in the free version of WPTouch. I've since registered for the Pro version of WPTouch, and the solution is a bit more elegant (and less obvious).

In this case, simply creating a child theme (yes, WPTouch Pro supports child themes, and will even create one or more of them for you in its admin panel - very slick!) and editing that theme's includes/style.css does not do the trick. While the iphone/style.css and ipad/style.css will apply the override for those devices, style.css in the includes directory, which I would have guessed would be a general override, seems to have no effect.

So, the answer I found was to create a new css file (I called mine "common.css") containing the relevant code:

/* @group WP Post to PDF */

a.wpptopdf {
	display: none !important;

/* @end */

then upload that to wp-content/wptouch-data/themes/common.css. Finally, in the WPTouch General > Global General > Advanced admin area, I entered the complete URL to common.css.

N.B.: I've done several enhancements to WP Post to PDF: backend, frontend, and in the admin pages. Until I post a proper entry here, if you're interested, have a quick look at the support page for that plugin. 😉

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  1. I've since forked WP Post to PDF. See my support page for the enhanced version here. To apply the css for the enhanced version, simply change the class to read:



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