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Mantis email fun – part 2

Well, this is embarrassing... I can't believe I started this draft back in January (of 2012), and let it sit so long. Sorry about that...

You may read up on my involvement with a particular Mantis Bug Tracker installation in part 1 of this series. This time around, I'm going to discuss adding the ability to discourage email recipients from replying to bug update announcements.


Mantis email fun – part 1

Mantis Bug Tracker is a great tool. Several friends use it (I was originally going to set up Bugzilla, as I'd had more experience from a user's perspective with it, during my years of submitting and contributing to Mozilla issues), and I finally got my chance to sink my teeth into it in 2009, when I took over the web hosting for OS/2 VOICE. In that instance, I inherited a well-oiled machine, so I had no real need to dig too far into the initial setup routines for the app.

Several months ago, I upgraded that particular installation, and set one up for myself. Naturally, as these things go, "setting one up" and actually "putting stuff into it" are two entirely different things, so until last week, when I really felt the urge, I didn't have any real chance to play with my new install.

So it was that last week I decided to check out where I left off and get an existing small project into it. (Eventually, I'll get fancy and incorporate Subversion or GIT into the Mantis setup, but for now, I just want to organize all of my electronic sticky-notes, so that I can make sense of what I've got and what I need to do moving forward). My first hurdle was that I couldn't for the life of me recall what my password was. Nothing seemed to work, and naturally, I hadn't stored it in SeaMonkey or Firefox or my other password keeper. Unperturbed, I clicked the link to send the password reset request. Nothing happened.