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Random thoughts on Thunderbird’s current state

Well, like the Mozilla Suite before it, Thunderbird seems to have been given the Boot by MSF. This is hardly surprising for a group which single-handedly (single-mindedly?) decided that "nobody wants an internet suite anymore; people only want separate web browsers and email clients." Right...


Mozilla Hardware Acceleration and VNC sessions

I've been a Mozilla user since before Mozilla. I was a Netscape user back in the early days of Netscape for OS/2, when WebExplorer was kind of neat, but Netscape was much better.

Well, as an avid user and supporter of SeaMonkey, both personally and professionally, I was pleased to see us (the SeaMonkey community) stay on the same Gecko with 2.1+ as Firefox 4+. One of the nice things introduced in Gecko 2 is hardware acceleration. Unfortunately, I have suffered with some nasty screen corruption on my ThinkPad T43 (SXGA+ 1400x1050, ATI Mobility Radeon X300) with hardware acceleration enabled (as it is by default). Mainly, this corruption manifests itself as mouse artifacts (droppings?) in the browser window and particularly in expanded menus. However, as this seems to only be happening on my T43 under eComStation 1.2R (one of these days, I'm going to upgrade eCS on this notebook to 2.1), I don't give it much thought when upgrading Mozilla apps on other systems, and leave acceleration set to the default.

BTW, to disable (hardware) layer acceleration, simply toggle the user pref layers.acceleration.disabled to true. See more on this, below.