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Warpstock 2011: Prepping for the event, dinner, and more

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A busy pre-event day.

The hotel Wi-Fi (DoubleTree Suites Raleigh-Duram) seems adequate. The service is apparently provided via Wayport, and we have an event promotional code which gets us free access. Authentication is via captive portal, and there appears to be enough signal to saturate most areas of the building without dropouts. We tested a Skype connection with video (yes, in order to run Skype, I had to reboot to Windows...probably the sixth time this year my T43 booted into XP), and all went fairly well.

Lunch in the restaurant was quite good, and the portions were quite generous. Pricing was fair, too.

More arrivals in the afternoon, and of course, the requisite (for me) administrative tasks to perform, as Treasurer of Warpstock Corp. Surely, less hassle than I've had in the past, and all things considered, easily accomplished. I found some time later in the day to retire to the library (yes, the hotel has a quiet reading room) to work on my presentation for Saturday, on WPA & WPA2 connections using XWLAN and the WPA Supplicant (the difference is between the two implementations, the 4-way handshake, RC4 vs CCMP/AES, and what the various debug screens look like from the supplicant). I set up a refurbed Cisco E2000 router and got several good screen shots of various types of behavior.

Dinner was excellent. We had NC BBQ for the buffet fare, and there was more than enough to go around. Some late-comers missed dinner, unfortunately. I was even able to get crowd favorite Steven Levine to say a few words about eCS 2.1, and give a preview of some of his talk slated for Sunday. This, of course, led to a Q&A session which ran longer than our allotted time for the room, yet the staff was courteous and allowed us to continue, never once suggesting that we wrap up and skidaddle.

We had our Board meeting in John Edwards' suite, which was my first opportunity to see the accommodations, which were roomy and comfortable. As I'd already registered the couple walk-ins, we were all heartened that attendance may even be better than expected. A good meeting, indeed.

On my way out, I got snagged to look at a network connection which wasn't cooperating. After advising my friend that he needed to give up on the wired connection and switch to Wi-Fi, I had to debug his somewhat mangled PROTOCOL.INI which was keeping his GenMAC driver from loading and activating his Intel card. More conversation followed, and I finally got out about 1am.

Looking forward to Saturday's sessions.

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  1. Lewis, why did you have to reboot to windows to run skype? Is your laptops camera not supported by linux? Skype runs on ubuntu on my netbook just fine.

  2. 😉

    eComStation isn’t Linux-based; it’s OS/2. Unfortunately, there’s no Skype for OS/2 (yet).

    My ThinkPad T43 is configured with IBM’s Boot Manager to boot either IBM’s XP preload or eComStation 1.2R. To run *nix, I can either boot from a stick (which I do have, and which I should have thought to do, now that you mention it) or run it under VirtualBox (I have an openSUSE 10.3 VDI on the system). However, if I run VBox, the OS/2 port lacks audio support, and we have no USB passthrough. Thus, a USB-connected webcam (I have a Logitech AF) is a no-go for me under VBox.

    Thanks for the reminder, though, Justin. Next time, I’ll give my USB stick a whirl and see how it does with Skype.

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