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On the ungrateful nature of users and the OSS development community

Nothing new, here, I'm afraid. It's a problem as old as the concept of "free stuff."

So what exactly is free stuff, anyway, and why do people seem to equate freely available to freedom from cost?

Recently, a contemporary of mine posited the idea that as the majority of Linux apps ported to eCS were built using GCC, they were somehow unstable, inferior, untested, or otherwise unworthy of use, and further, that developers porting these apps either did not care to - or simply did not - test them before releasing them on an unsuspecting public. This summoned the ire of one of the OS/2 community's most prolific - and talented, and approachable - porters, who reiterated what so many of us have said to and about this individual for some time: "There's the door."